Savvy runs a range of corporate workshops on soft skills in IT context.

Let’s start with the definitions first:

  • Workshop - is an intensive interactive learning format aimed to help the participants train a skill or a set of skills.
  • Soft Skills, also known as people skills, include Communication, Flexibility, Leadership, and Teamwork.

Savvy trainers will adjust the workshop content according to your request considering the context, needs and pain points of your team. Most of the cases are based on real IT-related situations.


  • Learners will get handouts and extra links to research for every tool.
  • Workshops are available in English, Ukrainian and Russian languages. However, we strongly advise the English ones.
  • The group size depends on the workshop. On average from 5 to 16 people with one trainer and up to 24 with 2 trainers.



Savvy organized the Business Correspondence Course for our Team Leaders. Information was presented in a clear and available format. The course structure is done well, and during the course, you can get useful knowledge and lifehacks which can be implemented immediately in practice. Alexey Kovalenko as a trainer was very supportive, friendly, polite and very organized.

Thank you for the great cooperation!

Yuliia Demchenko
Learning and Development Partner at Ciklum Kiev

We were looking for a company to run intensive Business Emailing training. This company was supposed to take into account all the job peculiarities of AMC Bridge and our employees. Savvy has provided a really significant course of high quality for our staff. Six groups have already finished the educational program. And we are planning to have several more groups with Savvy. The training consisted of 6 classes and included both theory and practical knowledge. The whole process of the training is very dynamic and based on real cases so all the participants spent minimum time to achieve visible results. The advantage of Savvy Company is that they are able to adapt the programs to the special client’s needs, be attentive to our requests and complete all the set goals in a perfect way.

Ksenia Zarubina
HR Specialist at AMC Bridge

The Workshop of feedback was a great and useful experience. Feedback is one of the very important parts of any communication, and especially in business. Lack of it causes misunderstanding between people and inefficiency on projects. On the workshop, we have gotten several models of giving feedback and practiced them using real cases.

Such a practical part allows me to choose and use the right model in my everyday work.

Liuka Lobareva
Brand Manager at Sigma Software Group

It is always a pleasure to work with a Savvy team. We have asked for several business email training and stayed happy with content, structure and email reviews. Many thanks for the expertise that was given - Savvy is much more than English courses! Looking forward to working together in the future!

Ulyana Drobitova
HR specialist at LoopMe

Frankly, I didn’t set my expectations high about the training. I’ve had so many of them before and, unfortunately, most of them appeared to be useless. To my surprise, I got really engaged from the very first minute. The material was very organized and interesting. Three hours pass and you don’t even notice!

My emails and my communication with the customers, in general, has improved dramatically. You don’t realize it at once, but in a long term perspective, I’ve noted that the cases of misunderstanding between myself and the customer became very rare, and customers, in general, are more willing to talk and are more responsive than before. My significant personal result is the way I’m delivering bad news to the clients (which I have to do a lot). Previously it was a torture, and I could spend hours or even days thinking on the best way to deliver that without infuriating the client. Now I have the set of tools that help make it smoother for both myself and the client.

Advice for future learners of this training – know why you need it and prepare to work hard! It is not the class where you can sleep in the back row. Prepare to be engaged, write a lot of emails and do a lot of practical tasks. It will help your emails become better!

Mariia Prystupa
Campaign Analyst at Oracle

There is something in your head, just a hint not yet an idea and you keep thinking about it… Now you have it, you know what you want and here starts another challenge – you have to find a proper coach, energize him with your idea, make him think deeply about it so that he could perform it the way it is performed in your head. That’s easy and simple when you know people – Savvy people because we value people in Sitecore and we are always happy to collaborate with likeminded ones. Slava, thank you for being open and curious, straightforward and not judging, ready for new experience and format. That does matter!

Anastasiia Lobanova
Engineering manager at Sitecore

I invited Anna Krasilnik to hold a series of workshops at Mazars. Anna conducted tailored training on Networking, Feedback in Communication and Presentation Skills. Each training was aimed to meet our special needs either before a specific internal event or to work out necessary skills (improving English at the same time). As an HR Leader at Mazars, I really appreciate Anna’s approach to shaping every session based on our needs and taking into account the specificities of our work. Thanks to Anna, every activity has its soul. The trainer’s flexibility and energy, sense of the team and professionalism make our collaboration easy, efficient and desirable. In order to measure the effectiveness of the training, we implement post-workshop surveys and results follow-ups.

The feedback we receive from the teams confirms my appreciation, as people are eager to learn using practical lessons from the real games-workshops that focus on efficiency and easy-to-apply tips.

I highly recommend that everyone who likes “different ways of thinking” contacts Anna.

Yulia Zaprudska
HR & Strategy Leader at Mazars

Before joining Savvy training, I had a small issue with business communication. Sometimes it was very hard to identify the real intentions of our colleagues from different regions. The main expectations for me from the training was to improve my skills in business communication which will help me to be on the "same page" with all our partners. The main interesting thing, which I remember from the training process, was in the analysis of the real cases. It was involving all learners in the training. Barriers to my communication were gone, I feel more comfortable in each day meetings. For future learners I recommend coming to sessions with real-life problems and try to use it at practical lessons as a training example for learning.

Yaroslav Nedashkovskyi
Systems architect at SoftElegance

The cost will depend on the level of required adaptations, time, place, and the trainer. On average a single training day might cost around USD 700 with one trainer and USD 1100 with 2 trainers. We take 50% prepayment and get both cash and bank wires in UAH, EUR or USD.